‘Weird’ meme on the Internet about Edgar Blomquist’s balding ‘bad bunny haircut’ gets more than 50,000 ‘likes’

The meme was created on Instagram by user @dubanjosebabriello, who uploaded a photo of himself holding up a large piece of newspaper with the caption “Edgar Blomqvist’s bad bunny hair”.

“Bunny buns and bad bunny haircuts are the norm, right?

#EdgarBoomers #BunnyBuns,” the caption added.

“I’m not a fan of bad bunny hairstyles, but I guess they’re pretty cool.

So it’s nice to see someone make a meme out of this,” @davidsbabrics wrote.

“I can only imagine how many people have heard about it.

I can’t believe the attention this has gotten.

It’s so cute.”

Edgar Bomqvists hair has been the subject of memes on Instagram since it was posted on June 18, but the latest video from the internet site shows the popular meme making the rounds on Tuesday.

In the video, the viral video-sharing site shows a video clip of the video-maker and his daughter, who appear to be teenagers.

As the video progresses, the camera pans across the mother and daughter and then zooms in on the father and daughter.

Edgar and his wife, Dany, are seen laughing as they dance around in the living room, and he is seen pulling out a small piece of paper from his back pocket.

He also takes out a bottle of water and a cigarette and then places them on the floor.

One of the first comments on the video was by user davidsbo, who called the video “Edgicrazy” and wrote, “Edgbomb btw.”

The meme has been liked by more than 1,000 users since it started making the news, and it has garnered more than 100,000 likes on Twitter, according to the BuzzFeed News site.

The video was shared with the hashtag #Edgibomb, with more than one person commenting on the post.

Boomer is credited with coining the term “Boom,” which is slang for a large amount of money, which he later trademarked.

The phrase “Edgy Edgicoolies” has also been used on Twitter and Tumblr.

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