‘I want to kill my parents’: What do parents say when their children grow up and decide they want to be famous?

A father and daughter are taking their first steps toward becoming “Korean hip hop royalty.”

On Saturday, their father posted a video of them singing in Korean to Instagram, and the caption read, “I want my parents to know that I’m proud to be their son and their daughter.

They will be the envy of their friends and the world.”

The video has already been shared more than 3,500 times.

The father is a former singer and rapper.

His daughter is a student in an acting program.

Both are taking lessons at a local theater to prepare them for the role of “Kong,” a character in a movie.

Their parents are supportive of the young actors, who have already shared the stage with actors like Ryan Phillippe and Emma Stone.

In an interview with ABC News, the mother, Kae Bae, said she was proud of her daughters ability to play the character of “T-ara,” which is a Korean pop group, but was surprised by the reaction from her parents.

“They are very proud of their son,” she said.

“I feel so bad for their parents.

But we know we are all going to have kids.”

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