How to shave your eyebrows without any scissors

It’s not often that you see the most popular haircut trend on social media, but for a few weeks it’s not too uncommon to see a trend emerge from the likes of Bizarre, Bikini, and Dont Wanna Be A Guy.

As you can see from the first image below, many of these styles feature the use of a variety of scissors.

However, some hairstyles can be quite complicated to get right.

Some have a long neckline and others have a short neckline.

The haircut that looks the best on someone with a short hairline is probably the one with a neckline that is long enough to completely cover the entire forehead.

Bizarre, a popular Instagram account for fashion and beauty, has posted a video showing how to get a classic brows look using only scissors.

If you’re a fan of eyebrow grooming, check out this video and start practicing today.

Dont Wannabey, a stylish stylist and makeup artist, has also shared a tutorial for getting a beautiful brows-free look.

It is not a complicated process to get brows without scissors, but there are some extra steps you need to take to get the best results.

If all you’re looking for is the ultimate eyebrow-free beauty, you can go ahead and head to Instagram and look at the photos of people with a wide forehead and a thick neckline without a single hair cut.

You can follow her on Instagram as well, but the best way to see her style is to watch her videos.

For a more in-depth look at this trend, check her Instagram.

This article originally appeared on RTE.

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