What’s next for the Mortal Kombat franchise?

It’s no secret that many fans are waiting to see how much of the Mortal Dictatorship will be returned in the upcoming MKX reboot.

The MKX game series was originally announced in 2005 for Xbox Live Arcade, but has since been released on PC, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Plus, and Wii U, as well as in other digital stores.

IGN’s Matt Higby recently asked director Yoshinori Ono what fans can expect from MKX: “We are not saying what’s coming in MKX, but we do have a very specific set of expectations for the game.

We’re hoping that fans will really get into the story and really dig into the character and the story behind them.”MKX: Mortal K.O. – a remake of the first Mortal K-on-the-Line game, MKX-1-1 (2012) was released in 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

While fans have been waiting for MKX since its original launch in 2005, it wasn’t until the recent Mortal K: Chronicles of Mystara reboot that the series got a reboot, with a new story and gameplay style.

With the release of MKX on PSVR in 2018, Ono teased that there would be “a big focus on story, and a big focus in terms of gameplay” in the reboot, but said that “we’re also going to have an emphasis on story and story progression.”

In MKX you’ll play as a masked assassin named Nyx, who will team up with a series of enemies and go on missions to rid the world of evil.

While there will be a lot of new weapons and abilities, the majority of the gameplay will be in the hands of your ninja team.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Onos discussed what fans should expect from the new Mortal K.: “We’re going to try and build up to that sort of story, which is something that is very different from MK1-2, because MK1 was about a bunch of people in a huge city, and MK2 was about the big city and a bunch more people.

MK3 was about that city and the characters, and the city is the same kind of city that MK1 is in, but there are a lot more characters, a lot less people.

So there’s a big emphasis on the story.

It’s not necessarily going to be about killing people, but it will be about finding the truth about the world and solving a very big problem.”

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