Which hairstyles are on the rise in Dublin?

On Wednesday, Irish fashion magazine Dermot O’Leary reported that Shaggy’s Haircuts, which has been operating in Dublin since 1996, had a 50% rise in sales in the first six months of 2017.

Shaggy has been offering its customers a full head of hair at prices ranging from €20 to €40, but the latest figures show that the haircut has become a more popular and lucrative proposition for those looking to impress a date.

“Our clients are looking for a high-fashion look, and we know that our customers want a cut that has a premium feel,” said Dermott O’Loughlin, founder and chief executive of Shag, in a statement.

“They want a hairstyle that looks professional and well-cut.

We know that they want something that’s going to last for a lifetime, which is why we offer a premium cut.”

The company’s customers, according to the latest data, include both women and men.

“We’ve had a lot of success with our customers,” said Shag’s chief executive, Dermotte O’Neill, in the same statement.

“This is a new trend in our business and we’ve just got to keep going and keep getting more and more customers.”

The latest figures come as the market for the traditional Irish cut has become increasingly crowded and more expensive.

The average cost of a haircut in Ireland is currently €45, and it can reach as high as €70.

“It’s definitely not as expensive as it was a few years ago,” said Liam O’Connell, who has been an employee at Shag for a decade.

“I can definitely see that there’s a lot more people now wanting that haircut.”

“I’ve been doing it for a long time,” added O’Donnell.

“But I’m not quite sure how long it’s going, so I think it’s not going to be a big thing.”

The number of people applying for the haircut on Shag has also grown dramatically.

It was originally advertised as offering three styles of cut, but since its launch in January, Shag now offers five styles.

The cut, which originally came in three different styles, was originally offered in five sizes.

Today, the cut is available in five, with the average length being 6.25cm (2.8 inches).

“We want to be the go-to for any client looking for the right haircut,” O’Brien said.

“We want our customers to come in with their ears pulled back and look good.”

It is also the cut that is often used in the popular “shag” haircut trend in the US, which sees women with short hair, often shaved on the sides, wear the shag to go to a barbershop.

“This is an incredibly popular cut,” said O’Reilly, adding that Shig’s new customer base is looking for that same cut.

“It’s not only the women who want it but also the men.”

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