Which hair color is the most popular for men?

Hair color has been the subject of intense speculation ever since the invention of the hairdryer, but what exactly is a hairdresser doing on a busy street? 

A new study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine has found that the most commonly used color for men is green, with yellow the most common.

The researchers looked at data from the National Hair Loss Registry and found that a green hairdo was more popular than red, purple and blue.

Yellow was second most popular among men, followed by green.

The study also found that men preferred darker-colored haircuts.

The researchers analyzed data from 1.2 million participants in the National Hairy Hair Loss and Conditioning Study.

Participants were asked to select a color that matched their personal preference for a particular type of hairdos.

The survey also asked participants to identify their hairstyle preferences and the amount of effort they felt it was worth spending to get the hair color they wanted. 

Green was the most preferred color for women, with green being the most liked by men.

The next most popular color was brown, followed closely by yellow and orange.

Red was also popular, followed at the bottom by black and blue and brown was the least popular color.

Men also reported that they preferred to use less product than women.

The survey also revealed that men felt they could make the difference between the colors that worked for them and what looked better for others.

“Green, brown, and yellow are all great choices, but brown is the least common, so we’d say it’s likely that the majority of men in this survey were more interested in other colors,” said study author Mariel Kallio, MD, PhD, associate professor of dermatology and dermatology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

“What I find interesting is that the trend towards green, brown and yellow is so consistent that it looks like the most important color for a lot of people is the green, but that’s only the case for a very small number of people.

For most people, it’s probably yellow.”

The findings are a bit surprising to some, but not surprising to other hairdressing professionals.

“There’s been some concern that brown is less of a ‘look’ color, so I think this study suggests that it is,” said Dr. Kallios, who was also a participant in the study.

“But it’s really just about a preference for different colors, so the fact that it’s so consistent is probably a reflection of how many people are actually using this type of hair.”

Dr. Kallo also added that men should look for products that are available in the color they like.

“If they are using a product that is made specifically for a color they don’t like, then it would be a little bit more likely that they’re actually looking for the color,” Dr. Drago said.

“In terms of product selection, you’re going to be able to find it that suits you, so it’s just the choice of color that matters.”

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