When the Amish are your go-to haircuts

The Amish, a religiously conservative community of about 50,000 people in northeastern Pennsylvania, are known for their beards and goatees.

But a new trend in haircuts is cutting the beards, and some men say they’re being turned away.

The hairstyles are popular among the Amash and the more conservative members of the Republican Party, and they have become a staple of the summer, when the country’s top stars are visiting Amish communities.

The trend has also made headlines as the summer sun rises over the Amishes and the country, which has had a dry spell for the last two years, faces a drought.

“It’s a nice haircut to have on, but it’s definitely not the look for the rest of the year,” said Steve Furlong, a Republican strategist who advises candidates on political strategy in the state.

Amish men, who are not allowed to have alcohol, avoid the use of alcohol and don’t drink on public grounds.

They say they prefer to keep their bearded beards in the home to avoid the appearance of sin.

Although the hairstyles have become more popular among Republicans, they are not a natural fit for all Americans, said Sarah Wollenberg, a spokeswoman for the American Conservative Union, an advocacy group that represents the Amistad.

The Amash have the highest concentration of white evangelical Protestants in the country.

They are not the only Amish people to have gone through the haircut trend.

Men in the Amsterdams, an affluent enclave in northern Germany, have long gone without a haircut.

In 2013, a German newspaper reported that some men were told they would be able to get haircuts only from a man who looked like Mr. T, a character from a popular American television show, The Simpsons.

A similar phenomenon is playing out in Canada, where men are starting to look for a “masculine” style to keep themselves cool in the hot summer months.

On Thursday, the Toronto Sun reported that more than 30 Amish men were refused haircuts at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters.

More recently, the trend has spread across the U.S. and Canada.

In May, the Amityville High School principal announced that he was going to barbeque his sons for the first time since they turned 16.

At the same time, there has been a backlash.

The U.K. newspaper the Times called it “an outrage that a society where men and boys are so often told to keep a beard or go for a haircut will be turned away.”

In an email, Amish leader and Conservative Party activist Jeff Miller said the haircut issue is part of a larger movement to turn Amish-only businesses away from men because the Amushas are not men.

Miller said he was also “sickened” that a Conservative MP who was an Amish in his youth was going against the trend.

“I have no interest in being part of the conversation on this topic,” he wrote.

Some of the men who say they have been turned away have been friends of Miller and other Conservative politicians.

But others have said they do not want to be associated with Miller.

One man who said he had been turned down was a local newspaper columnist who had been a Conservative for 30 years.

“It’s not the Amiards to be in,” he said.

“If I wanted to go out to a barber, I would have done it myself.

I’m not the kind of guy to be told by the government to be a man.”

Miller defended the Conservative Party’s stance on the haircut, saying it was not an issue of religious belief but of policy.

He said the party had been trying to get rid of “cultural appropriation” and that Miller’s column had been “an attack on the Amis.”

The Amish community has long been a center of conservative politics in the United States.

Last year, the Conservative government passed a law that requires Amish to provide government-mandated religious education.

It also allows them to marry outside the community and bars them from drinking alcohol.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper, who is from Amish country and is running for re-election in the province of Ontario, was also in the community during the summer when it was hard to find haircuts.

He called it a “cultural phenomenon.”

“We’re all different, we’re all very different,” Harper said at a news conference at a hotel in Amish Nation, a small community that has a population of less than 1,000.

Many Amish have tried to make amends with the government by attending community events, but the Conservative party is backing an amendment to the bill that would prohibit the AmISH from attending any political rallies and would make it a crime to “insult” the Amished.

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