How to dress for a new haircut

The haircut is a new one, but one that is often misunderstood and overlooked by most people.

It is a beautiful look for any woman with a fresh hair style.

And it is a perfect way to show your style in your everyday life. 

1. Tutorial:  How to cut a new hairstyle with a number 3 haircut article Here is how to cut your hair number 3 style in a number 1 style with a straight cut.

You can choose between the natural straight cut and the curly cut, or both straight and curly. 


How to wear a number 2 hairstyle article It’s hard to tell the difference between a number two and a number three style, but the two styles have similar styles and the look is the same. 


Number 3 hair cut tutorial article How can you choose the number 3 hairstyle that looks best for you? 

1 How long to keep the number 2 haircut How much longer should you keep your number 2? 

You can choose whether to keep it longer or shorter. 

What’s the best way to wear your number 3? 

If you are a man who likes to keep his hair longer, then a long cut would be the most comfortable and flattering hairstyle. 

If your hair is shorter and more of a cut for women, then you can go for the shorter and straight style. 

Do you have any tips for the number 1 hairstyle? 

Do your hair and style guide suggestions give you any tips? 

What hairstyles do you like to wear and why? 

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Photo credits: Kirstie Bui, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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