When to buy: Mens haircuts for the 2020s

By 2020, the majority of women in the United States will be spending more time and money on haircuts.

According to the National Hair Care Association (NHCA), by 2020, women will spend an average of nearly two hours a day on their hair.

A study by the NHCA found that haircuts were among the top 20 hair care expenses for the U.S. in 2020.

The average spend per visit was $8.73, the NHCAs findings show.

Hair care is becoming more important for women across the country, said NHCA CEO Nancy Smith.

“The average American spends $11,000 on haircare, more than triple what it was in 2009.

The cost of haircuts is now more than double the cost of groceries and twice the cost for clothes,” she said.

While the price of haircare will go up, the amount of time spent on haircaring is expected to increase.

Smith said the average woman spends about three hours a week on haircares.

But, the cost to a woman of having her hair cut will increase as well.

For the average hair care customer, the hair cut itself will cost around $50, but the hair treatment and upkeep is expected as much as $120, according to the NHCBA.

And, the costs for shampoo and conditioner will go sky high as well, as the hair care industry has seen a jump in demand.

Men’s haircuts will likely also increase in value, as men are expected to spend more time on haircores, said Smith.

Haircare is expected in the U, U.K. and Canada.

According to a study by American Hair Care, the average American spent $17,929 on haircases in 2020, up from $14,971 in 2009, when the NHFA started keeping track.

This is partly due to the trend toward haircare for women, Smith said.

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