‘I am very happy’: Hair salon owner says goodbye to a ‘good friend’

Hair salon owners say goodbye to the person who introduced them to haircuts in the early ’80s.

They are remembering a man who changed their lives.

The man is no longer with us, but we can all agree that his presence changed our lives.

Hair salon owner, Tim O’Brien, said he met the man when he was working at a salon on North Street in Toronto.

O’Brien says he had never worked at a hair salon, but he knew the man was passionate about hair and knew he would be there when he wanted it.

“He knew exactly what I was looking for and I could tell he was really into what I wanted,” O’Briens told CBC News.

Overnight, O’Brian was introduced to a man with a bright smile who worked in a nearby hair salon.

“The next thing you know, he was saying, ‘I want to talk to you.’

And that was the beginning of what became a friendship,” O ‘Brien said.

The two started working together and eventually developed a close friendship.

They were close friends.

The man was also close friends with a couple of his employees, O ‘Brions said.

“We were friends,” O Brien said.

“I just always said to him, ‘Hey, man, I know this guy.

I worked with him.

He worked at this salon, and I know him well.'”

O’Brien remembers the man’s style.

“It was a very old style, very formal.

It was very formal,” he said.

It’s not uncommon for barbers to have the same haircut and haircuts with the same person.

“A lot of people are very good with the hair, and we’ve been there, but it’s a different style,” OBrien said, “and it’s different than the hair you’ve been going through for the past few years.”

“It’s very important for me to be able to say I work with the person that I know,” OBrien said, adding that the man had a “good sense of humour.”

“I think it’s been very important to keep that in mind when you go out and do the hair salon,” he added.

The salon owner said he knew he was going to get a good haircut.

“I was looking forward to getting it,” he recalled.OBrien said he was happy when the man passed away.

“His family loved him,” he laughed.

O Brien remembers a man he never met, but knew the look of.

“You know how you see your friend on the street?

I think that was him.

I’m glad he’s gone,” he told CBC Toronto.

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