Trump admin seeks to bar Americans from traveling to U.S. for ‘buried’ ‘burial’

President Donald Trump has ordered an immediate halt on the U.K. entry of Americans, who are being asked to undergo “burial” at a military cemetery.

The move comes as the Trump administration grapples with a spike in deadly terror attacks in the U: The White House has ordered the cancellation of entry visas for U.k. citizens, as well as for Uighurs and other nationalities who have entered the U.: In a written statement on Wednesday, the White House said the “Burial Requirement for Entry” policy was “based on the recommendation of the Department of Homeland Security.”

The government is “taking the necessary steps to implement a new policy that will ensure that U.s. citizens are not able to enter the United States for burials,” the statement said.

Trump, who took office last week, said last week that the Uighur “is a threat” to U,S.

national security.

“I am concerned about the potential for terrorist attacks here in the United Kingdom,” he said.

“I think we should put people into camps and they’re not allowed to leave the country.

So I am looking at what is going on.”

Trump’s order applies to the entire country and is in response to a “recent spate of deadly attacks” in the country that began with an assault on London’s Westminster Bridge on March 22.

British Prime Minister Amber Rudd said she would meet with the Trump officials to discuss the ban.

But in a statement Wednesday, Rudd said the Unequal Treatment Order would apply to the “only two British subjects” who could travel to the U of A and to “only British subjects in the Middle East who have a proven link to a terrorist organization.”

“We will continue to fight against the terrorist threat,” Rudd said.

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