‘Cute’ short bob haircut meme: ‘It’s a very short haircut but it’s a good haircut’

The ‘Cutesy Short Bob’ meme, a hashtag that began to circulate after a Twitter user posted a photo of herself wearing a short bob haircut on her forehead, has taken on a life of its own.

The meme shows a smiling woman with a short haircut in a dark t-shirt.

She wears a pair of sunglasses as well as a pair off her head and a hat.

The image is part of the #CuteShortBob hashtag.

It’s just a short, sweet, sweet haircut, but it is a good, good haircut.

#CUTEShortBob pic.twitter.com/W0cxL2lzT9 — #CutesysShortBob (@cutesysshort) January 30, 2018The hashtag has become a popular trend on social media, which has been flooded with photoshopped images of people wearing the short bob hairstyle.

While the meme has gained traction, it is not the first to have taken hold on social networks.

The short bob trend has been gaining popularity for quite some time.

The meme has been trending since January 2018, when Instagram user jay_haze uploaded a photo to Instagram with a selfie with a black woman wearing a bob haircut.

This image is from Instagram jay haze who is in the black bob trend.

There are so many short bob women on Instagram.

#shortbob Another user, @joe_hazes, shared a photo with the caption, “This is a picture of a black bob, with a little smiley face and a little curly hair.”

This is the picture that jay Haze shared on Instagram with the #short bob hashtag.

Twitter users were quick to take note of the image, as the meme’s popularity grew.

The ‘cute’ #cuteshortbobby hairstyle has gained a huge following, with people taking to Twitter to share the picture and to argue about the legitimacy of the meme.

A Twitter user in the UK called @sussexman said the picture was taken in a car park, and had been photoshoped with a fake blonde hair.

“I just noticed a picture from a carpark in London, in the midst of a short hair trend,” he wrote.

“The blonde hair has been cropped off, but not shaved.”

The image has now been retweeted more than 5,000 times.

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