When you look at a gay-basher, it’s not a straight-ass haircut

LONDON — When you’re in the throes of your own gay-baiting, you’re not always looking for a straight guy, even if you’re trying to look like one.

In fact, a new study suggests that the look you get from your gay-bashing can have a subtle impact on how you look to your friends and colleagues.

It’s called bisexual haircut.

And it’s a phenomenon that has gained popularity on social media, with the hashtag #bisexualhaters becoming a regular Twitter topic.

While it’s unclear how many people actually are bisexual, it has become a common and seemingly popular hashtag among gay-bashers, who tend to be older and male.

It appears to work.

The researchers say it’s likely that bisexual haircuts aren’t the norm for straight men, but that many men are willing to experiment with it and show off their straightness.

“We believe that many gay men who are bisexual choose to embrace this look and that they choose to do so on the basis of perceived masculinity,” said Dr. Jennifer Hovsepian, a clinical psychologist who led the study published in the journal Behavioural Processes.

“The results show that these men are more likely to adopt a masculine, ‘traditional’ appearance, which may be a marker of social rejection and male sexual desirability,” she said.

The researchers conducted a study on 1,700 heterosexual, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) men, aged 18 to 35, and found that when they wore a bi hairstyle to a social gathering, they were more likely than those who did not to feel judged or criticized for their appearance.

They were also more likely in the group who were seen as masculine to say they’d prefer not to wear the hairstyle.

In a follow-up study, the researchers also looked at whether the bi hairstyles had an effect on social rejection.

They looked at responses to online surveys about gay men’s appearance.

The participants were more open to being seen as gay, but less open to having their bi appearance criticized.

Another study looked at how people perceived their own sexual orientation based on how they dressed.

The research team asked participants to rate their sexual orientation on a scale of 0 to 9, with 0 being straight, and 9 being gay.

The results showed that people who did the bi-haircut were perceived to be more open and more open about their sexual identity than those in the other group.

Researchers also asked participants about how they were feeling about their bodies and the way they looked, including the way men and women looked when they were alone.

“We were surprised by the strong gender differences in the perception of body image,” Hovscian said.

“Men were more willing to express their sexuality to a potential romantic partner than women were, and that’s likely because men were more attracted to men.”

The results of the study have some implications for the way we think about the relationship between gender and appearance, said Hovs.

“People think of the male as masculine, and they look like they’re going to be with a guy,” she added.

“That may be an image that people may have been raised with, but there are other differences between what you see and what you actually look like.”

The research has implications not just for straight people, but also for people who are gay or bisexual.

“There is a need for more research into the effect that body image and sexual orientation have on body image, sexual behavior and the social acceptance of sexual orientation in general,” said Hova.

“This is a topic that needs to be investigated further.”

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