How to be a man in five minutes

I have been doing my job as a professional man in my twenties.

I have spent a great deal of time with men who have a lot of money and privilege, but who do not really know how to live life.

I’ve been there, and they’re nowhere near as good as the men I know, who have the privilege to live lives of luxury.

The most important thing you can do to make your life better is to do your job properly.

If you do, the rest will follow.

The truth is, if you have the time, money and skills, you can make the most of your opportunities.

The man who spends the most time with his friends, watching television, or working out, has the most success.

The real secret to success is being able to get things done.

Here are five things you can accomplish every day to make a difference.


Learn to love the craft of the job.

 Do not get caught up in the superficiality of being a professional.

It is not a job.

The work is just part of who you are.

Do not be afraid to be different.

If something is not working, you should look for ways to improve it.

When you work with others, you learn from each other.


Learn how to take care of yourself.

The truth is that you will get better as you get older, but you can’t be satisfied until you have a healthy and happy life.

You must love the process.


Start making your own clothes.

You can make yourself look like the most fashionable guy in the world.

Do not let yourself be pigeonholed.

Pick up a sewing machine and start making your clothes.

It will save you a lot on buying clothes, and make you look good for work.


Learn about the basics of your job.

You will want to take the time to understand everything about what you do.

This will make your job easier.


Stop caring about money.

You can make a real difference if you stop thinking about money in a negative way.

You are doing something good, and it is worth it. 1.

Learn what it means to be man in one minute.

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