“Cute Short Haircuts” is a thing!

IGN: Can you describe to us how it all started?

What drew you to the game?

What’s been the appeal of the character designs?

What’s next for the franchise?

Teddy: I wanted to make something that was fun for kids to play, and that was the main reason for starting the game.

The game is pretty simple, but it has tons of different gameplay features.

I love making characters that look cute, but I also wanted to create a variety of unique designs to make each of them unique.

I started by making some character models for Teddy, who is a cute little boy.

The first thing I wanted him to look like was a character from the show, Adventure Time.

I made a few more characters for him, and then I made him a cute short haircut.

I started with Teddy’s head and added some eyebrows, eyebrows, and hair.

The rest of the hairstyles are mostly based off of the characters that Teddy is wearing, like the bunny ears and the ears from his hair.

Teddy’s hairstyle was pretty simple because he’s already cute, so it was kind of fun to make him look more like a cute boy.

It’s pretty much the same hairstyle that we do for all of the cute characters in the game, except Teddy’s is not his usual curly hair.

I decided to make Teddy into a character that was a little more like Princess Bubblegum.

When we originally designed him, he was a bit more like the princess Bubblegums, but with her personality and personality, I decided to give her her own personality.

He is a little bit more girly than her, but she still has a lot of girly characteristics.

Teddy has a pretty cool hairstyle.

He’s also pretty cute and he has some cute clothes.

When you first meet Teddy, you’ll notice that he has this big, curly, short hair.

When you meet Princess Bubble, her hair is short, but when you meet him, it’s long and he looks more like her.

We wanted Teddy to have a lot more hair because Princess Bubble has a really long hair, so I wanted Teddy’s hair to be longer.

When I created the character, I thought Teddy was going to be a little too young to have this long hair and that Princess Bubble was a pretty young girl, so we ended up with Teddy being a little older.

Teddy’s long hair is actually very cute.

I think the longer hair makes him look like he’s more of a boy, but he’s actually more like an adult, like Princess.

It makes him a little different from Princess Bubble.

Princess Bubble wears her hair in a ponytail and Teddy wears it on the sides.

Princess has a much longer hair than Teddy, but Princess has longer hair on the bottom part of her head.

Princess and Teddy have the same haircut and have the exact same hairstyles.

Teddy wears his hair down, so he’s going to have long, curly hair like Princess, but his hair is not the same length as Princess Bubble’s.

I thought Princess Bubble is pretty cute, and she has really long, cute hair.

Princess Bubble is a pretty strong character.

She’s a princess that has a long history of making mistakes.

Teddy doesn’t really have the experience of Princess Bubble and has a more innocent personality.

Princess doesn’t have as much experience of Teddy, and Princess Bubble loves Teddy more than Teddy.

Teddy is more like Teddy, so Princess Bubble can make him feel like he can do whatever she wants.

Princess is just the most mature person in the whole game.

Princess’ personality is very strong, so Teddy is going to feel like a more confident character because she can be more powerful than Teddy and more confident than Teddy when it comes to things like the game’s events and what she wants to do.

Princess’s personality is the same as Teddy’s.

Teddy also has the same personality as Princess, so they have similar feelings about Teddy, like wanting him to do whatever he wants and having a very caring and caring personality.

Teddy and Princess have the different personalities, but Teddy is still a very nice person.

Princess wants Teddy to do what she asks, and Teddy is the most caring person on the show.

Princess just wants Teddy more to do everything she asks Teddy to.

Teddy just wants to be happy and to be nice to everyone.TOMMY: It was a lot to think about because Princess’s hair is longer than Teddy’s, so she was really strong.

Princess would say, “Look, Teddy, Teddy is my favorite character on the series!”

Teddy was really popular and Princess loved Teddy.

It was really fun to do a character like Princess and a character who is very different than Teddy is, so that made me very happy.

I also really liked the characters and the worlds in the Adventure Time universe.

I really love the game and I really like the world of Adventure Time and the characters.

It all makes it fun to play and it’s such

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