Why you might need to trim your hair with a lightning bolt haircut

I’ve heard this one before, but it’s a very good idea to take a look at how it could be done.

In a video posted to YouTube on Friday, a man with the handle maltipOO explains that lightning bolt haircuts have become a popular hairstyle among some people.

Lightning bolt haircut is the most popular hairstyles among young adults and young people, the video shows.

He explains that in a lightning storm, lightning bolts come crashing down and then start flying around your head.

This is how it looks in this picture.

The video ends with a few tips for the man who has taken the plunge.

If you are a male in your 20s and have a small amount of facial hair, use a small razor and use a light touch.

To avoid getting a lightning stroke on your forehead, shave your forehead in a circular motion and then turn the razor around your ear.

When shaving your face, hold your hair firmly and keep your face as close to your face or face brush as possible.

Avoid using excessive pressure on your face with a light blade.

If you are not sure how to apply the lightning bolt, try it with a towel or other non-slip material to avoid irritation.

Also, keep your hair at a medium length, and keep it straight or loosely curled, so it doesn’t get tangled in your clothes.

Keep your hair in a neat and clean fashion, and don’t go overboard with a long and messy look.

Once you’ve finished with your lightning bolt hair style, go home, put on some new clothes and start your life.

Get more tips from CNN’s health department on natural ways to look healthier and happier.

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