Emo haircut meme: Bad haircut meme

The first thing you should do after watching the latest episode of Bad Haircut, a YouTube channel that has over a million subscribers, is make sure to check out this adorable, bad-haircut meme.

The creators of the clip are known as “Emo Haus,” which is a reference to a meme by The Simpsons writer/producer Seth MacFarlane.

The original video is one of a handful of Bad Haus videos, which feature characters in the show who are often mischievous, but with the intention of making them look like they have a good time.

The characters in these videos are usually dressed in costumes, usually made from various shades of red, yellow, blue, and purple, with an occasional black or grey piece of clothing.

In the videos, characters will typically make faces in unison, as though singing together, and then dance around the camera as if they’re in a trance.

These videos often have a playful tone, as well as the comedic tone of the Bad Haups’ music.

You can watch the original Bad Hhaus video below, which features characters in various shades.

(The characters in this video were inspired by the characters from the show “The Simpsons.”)

The meme started in March, and the creators decided to make it their own, in hopes of attracting more subscribers.

“We had the idea that if we could make a good Bad Haircutting video that people would enjoy, we could have a larger audience and grow,” Matt Steeber, who was the Bad Haircuts co-founder and is now the head of marketing at Viacom, told The Huffington Post.

“As the number of people that watch Bad Hair Cut has gone up, we have seen a huge increase in subscribers to the channel.

We thought we could really make something for the fans and the people that we love to watch.”

Steeberg explained that they wanted to have the video “as fun as possible” and to do so, they decided to go with a bad haircut, which is often seen in videos where characters make fun of other characters. The Bad Häss is the creator’s version of the classic Moe Haus video, and he decided to use the character as the inspiration for the Bad haircut.

The character has a red and black hat and is known for his goofy demeanor.

The video features characters singing along to a variety of music, including the song “I’m the Big Bad,” which was used in the season three episode “The Bigger Picture.”

“It’s a big-ass bad haircut.

I want the fans to come and be entertained,” Steebers said.

The clip also includes a character called “Elo,” which has a similar look to Moe Häs, but has an exaggerated haircut.

“Eve, we want you to look like you are enjoying it,” the creator said in the video.

“You know, you have an awesome haircut.

And we are really excited about this Bad Hair cutting video.”

According to Steebs, Bad Hås has gained a lot of fans, and his fans love the content he makes.

“I really love Bad Habs, because we can make them like anything.

We can make any haircut.

So if you can make it, we will,” he said.

“That’s the beauty of the channel: You can make anything, because the characters are so cool and funny and cool, and you can come and watch them make fun and funny bad hair cuts.”

Bad Hair cuts are a popular trend among the Bad Horse fans on YouTube, as they feature the character with his head shaved.

The series has been watched by nearly 1.5 million people, making it one of the most popular Bad Horse videos on YouTube.

“It seems like we get really excited for the new season of Bad Horse and we have a lot to do, so we are excited for this season and it is a big deal for us,” Steesber said.

While the Bad haus has become so popular on YouTube and Twitter, many Bad Horse fan accounts are starting to take the meme to the next level.

Steebroes Bad Hause, for example, is the owner of a Twitter account called “The Bad Hasea,” which he is using to promote the Bad hair cutting video.

He also has a YouTube account called, “The Haus of the B-Boy,” which features the same Bad Hair cut meme as Steebbers, along with a slew of other videos.

He’s not sure why he is taking the Bad Head haircut meme to Twitter, as he is not a fan of the meme.

“My Bad Haha has been around for a while, so I don’t know if people like it or not, but I guess they have to try to keep up,” Stebos said.

But Steebras Bad Hair is just one of many Bad hauses

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