What’s the best haircut for you?

I like to do a simple fade in between the long, straight sides and a simple, bold side, says the head of Barber Barbera. 

“The cut is really about style and it should be very simple,” said head of marketing and brand development Andrea Lazzarini. 

But he does not shy away from bold haircuts. 

For me, a bold fade is always a good sign and it adds to the style, he says. 

In his opinion, the best fade in the game is a very long, smooth, clean haircut, he adds. 

The cut also adds to a person’s personality and a person who wants to have the most fun, he thinks. 

To find the right style for you, Barber Barberas recommends the following haircuts:Long, straight side with a strong, defined look with a few simple strokes.

Fade in with a short, short side and fade in with more of a full, full side. 

Long, sharp side with an elongated, full look with some lines. 

Fade out with a full side with straight edges. 

Short, long side with just a hint of a hairline and a slight fade.

Fades in with an even, even look. 

 Fades out with an ever-so-slight fade. 

Full side with very slight hairline. 

A quick, straight, full fade with the most of the hair in the face. 

Shaved sides with a sharp edge and a strong finish. 

I like to wear a few short, straight hairpieces to the barber to give it that little bit more flair, he explains. 

He adds that I don’t usually shave my hair in a long fashion. 

My hair can be quite short and I like it to be straight. 

If I have a little bit of length, I can have that extra bit of flair. 

You can also wear the hairpiece to your salon to give a very masculine, cool look.

The haircut is just as important for women as it is men, says Barber Barber. 

Women love to have an elegant, straight-back look.

For me, it’s important to have a bit of depth and make it a little more masculine, but not too feminine. 

That’s why I have so many straight side haircuts and why I like them, Barber said. 

However, he warns that a good fade in will be one that leaves the hair at least a little longer than usual, so that it looks more masculine. 

It’s not something I would choose if I were a man, but if I had to choose between a straight-cut, straight style or a straight fade, I’d pick the fade.

He also says he would always recommend a straight, long haircut, as it adds style and individuality. 

And the hairstyle will last a lifetime, Barber says.

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