Karen haircuts are now $60 per head!

Posted March 09, 2019 07:59:08Karen haircuts may not be new for the K-beauty world, but they’re becoming increasingly popular as a means of promoting your own beauty product line.

With all the attention given to the Kbeauty trend, it’s no wonder that the haircuts themselves are now selling for $60 each.

K-Beauty’s latest trend, however, has been the $60 Karen haircut.

According to the Daily Mail, Karen haircare products are now sold in stores for just $60, which is a pretty big deal considering they’re still a relatively new category.

The haircuts can be purchased in three sizes, ranging from an 8-inch-wide headband to a 16-inch length.

The Daily Mail even offers a link to a Karen-branded hair care product that promises to deliver the best hair in the world.

The company even offers an infographic for the Karen haircampet to help you decide which one you’d like to buy.

Here are some of the most popular haircuts that are now available for purchase:1.

K Karen Hair Care $60 in a K-Shampoo, Body Wash, Conditioner, or Moisturizer2.

K Poodle Hair Care, $60 In a K Karen, or $60 Hairbrush3.

K Lips & Groove Hair Care and $60 Facial Moisture4.

K Rose and K Karen haircoot 5.

K Hair & Face Hair Care6.

K Coconut and K Coconut haircuts7.

K Kaleidoscope Haircare8.

K Nails and K Nail haircuts9.

K Mascara and K Mascaras haircuts10.

K Sassy & K Masks11.

K Kisses & K Kissing Haircare12.

K Honey & K Honey haircare13.

K Love Lips and K Love Masks14.

K Natural & K Natural haircare15.

K Beauty and K Beauty haircare16.

K Cute & K Cuteness haircare17.

K Pink & K Pink haircare18.

K Dandelion & K Dappled Haircare19.

K Fresh & K Fresh haircare20.

K Lemon & K Lemon haircare21.

K Creamy & K Creaminess haircare22.

K Sunlight & K Sunlit haircare23.

K Baby & K Baby haircare24.

K Cherry & K Cherry haircare25.

K Peach & K Peach haircare26.

K Red & K Red haircare27.

K Gold & K Gold haircare28.

K Purple & K Purple haircare29.

K Blueberry & K Blueberries haircare30.

K Chocolate & K Chocolate haircare31.

K Orange & K Orange haircare32.

K Berry & K Berry haircare33.

K Ice Cream & K Ice cream haircare34.

K Strawberry & K Strawberry haircare35.

K Banana & K Banana haircare36.

K Pumpkin & K Pumpkin haircare37.

K Yogurt & K Yogurts haircare38.

K Apple & K Apple haircare39.

K Raspberry & K Raspberry haircare40.

K Cocoa & K Coconuts haircare41.

K Pineapple & K Pineapples haircare42.

K Fig & K Fig haircare43.

K Apricot & K Apricylicos haircare44.

K Tangerine & K Tango haircare45.

K Lime & K Lime haircare46.

K Kiwi & K Kiwis haircare47.

K Tropical & K Tropical haircare48.

K Blackberry & Dandelions haircare49.

K Goldenrod & K Goldenrone haircare50.

K Grapefruit & K Grapefruits haircare51.

K Mint & K Mint haircare52.

K Passion Fruit & K Passionfruit haircare53.

K Plum & K Plum haircare54.

K Green & K Green haircare55.

K Snow & K Snow haircare56.

K Cotton & K Cotton haircare57.

K Lavender & K Lavendar haircare58.

K Lilac & K Lilacs haircare59.

K Turquoise & K Turquezes haircare60.

K Marigold & K Marigs haircare61.

K Bamboo & K Bannocks haircare62.

K Amber & K Amber haircare63.

K Light Blue & K Light Bannons haircare64.

K Yellow & K Yellow haircare65.

K Coral & K Coral haircare66.

K Citrus & K Citron haircare67.

K Emerald & K Emerald haircare68.

K Deep Blue & Tangerines haircare69.

K Violet & K Violet haircare70.

K Navy Blue & Sea Mist haircare71.

K Champagne & K Champagnons haircares72.

K Maui & Tiki haircare73.

K Taupe & Taupe

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